How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent near me

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent near me

It could be your biggest edge in finding the right home at the right price: a good real estate agent near me. But what’s the big deal? You could just snag a convenient real estate agent or call the name on the sign of a house you’re interested in.

In San Diego

The typical real estate agent in San Diego, however, is not necessarily bound to work in your best interest. As with most commissioned salespeople, the dollars flow from a deal. Any deal. But there’s another way: Finding an great real estate agent.

The obvious qualities you’ll want in your real estate agent near you are just what you’d want in any good business partnership: rapport, respect and competence. You can often get a sense for that during the first meeting or two. Specific conditions of the relationship will be listed in the buyer’s agent contract.

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