Must-Have Checklist for Attending Open Houses

Open Houses – Visiting open houses is a great way to get an idea for properties in the market, and is one of the best market research tools you have available. Once you’ve created your open house schedule from the listings, you need to create a checklist of things to look for—in order to use your time most effectively.

To make things easy for you, we’ve got a ready-to-print open house checklist for you:

General Appearance:

  • __House is clean
  • __Walls and ceilings are stain-free (including inspection of closet walls and ceilings—which are            great wall-health indicators)
  • __Lawns are cut and garden is well-kept
  • __Inspection of newly painted walls for signs of deterioration coverup
  • __Checked behind all closed doors, wall coverings and area rugs

Water Damage Signs:

  • __Bathroom and kitchen caulking/grout is not crumbling, loose or moldy
  • __All ceilings and walls are stain- and bulge-free

Appliances and Fixtures:

  • __Lights, fixtures and switches work perfectly
  • __Faucets are free of issues
  • __Drains free of drainage issues
  • __Toilets function well
  • __Furnace./air conditioning is in good condition
  • __All major appliances included in home sale are in working order and clean


  • __All floors are even, solid and smooth
  • __There are no soft or springy sections
  • __No squeaky sounds beyond what is normally expected

Doors and Windows:

  • __Are in good shape and can be opened and closed with stops or increased effort
  • __Fit snugly in their frame
  • __Paint/caulking/joiners are in good condition and there is no visible damage or flaked paint
  • __No drafts

Proper Drainage and Structural Integrity

  • __There are no soggy areas surrounding the foundation
  • __Inside foundation is dry and no deep cracks
  • __No sunken areas where water collects surrounding house
  • __No loose bricks, mortar or stucco

Adequate Size

  • __Rooms are measured and adequate size for my furniture
  • __My furniture will fit through hallways, entryways and stairs

Adequate Storage

  • __A storage area on each floor
  • __Adequate kitchen storage space for pantry items
  • __Adequate linen storage space
  • __Space for outdoor items/equipment
  • __Adequate space for tools/home repair equipment/sporting and hobby equipment
  • __Miscellaneous storage space

At the end of open houses Palm Springs inspection, and the home has passed your initial inspection and checklist, then consider ordering a professional inspection to ensure you haven’t missed anything that you would be liable for. If it hasn’t passed your inspection, find another home and start again. 

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