3 Tips to Increase Open Houses Traffic

1. Use More Signs
Nobody can come to your open house if they can’t find it. Forgetting the people who saw your open house marketing efforts, signs are also helpful for drawing-in drive-by traffic. We know agents that use 10+ signs to advertise their open house, and guess what—they’re very successful. The more signs the more chance people will see them. The better-placed they are also increases your odds, so be sure to secure some sign real estate at major intersections and near popular nearby attractions like convenience store or popular park.In addition to drawing traffic for that specific open house, it also gets your name out there and makes you look like a rockstar-level real estate agent—you’ve got properties and signs all over town!

2. Facebook it!
You’re on Facebook, and so are your potential customers. Post all your open houses on your social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and kindly ask your ‘friends’ to share the news on their profiles. You’d be surprised how often a simple
request, with a please and thank you, to share your content will work. Make a positively-worded announcement earlier on in the week, the day before and the day of the open house in Palm Springs. Three announcements however is the max number of posts, because no one likes to be spammed.
3. Flyer the Neighbourhood
Creating a flyer to distribute in the neighbourhood about the listing is still one of the best ways to get the word out. No, the people you deliver it to aren’t likely to buy the house—but they may have friends or family they want to move into their neighbourhood. They also might be protective over who becomes their new neighbour, so they will actively promote your open house to people in their own social circles. Make the flyers a kind invitation to come check out your open house, and invite them bring their friends and family. For advice on how to make a showstopping flyer, click here.

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